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Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Vintage Mercury Glass Ball Ornament Hangers

Super Shiny 20mm Acrylic Beads in beaded ornament hangers

Remember those beautiful mercury glass Christmas ornaments of days gone by? The super shiny ones that reflected everything around them in a magical way but would shatter to smithereens if you ever dropped them?  Well these gorgeous 20mm acrylic beads are just like them - without the shatter worries.

Beautiful rich colours

I just recieved these lovely beads yesterday and have already worked many of them up into beaded ornament hangers.  Perfect for a tree with a variety of decorations and colours, these beads are really rich and vibrant in hot pink, silver, deep purple, Christmas green, gold and Christmas Red. 

I decided to work as many as I could into sets of all the colours. I don't have many of the gold ones, so that was the deciding factor. Teeny tiny 10/0 seed beads in clear crystal provide consistency and the hanger portion of each one is interspersed with 8/0 seed beads in co-ordinating colours.  The large shiny acrylic beads are flanked with silver lined crystal beads for extra shine because you know I like my bling at Christmas.

See more styles on my Christmas is Magical Etsy Shop.

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