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Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Any Aisle is Craft Aisle

Working on ... Beaded Diamond Dangles with Pretty Glass Beads
Most of us crafty types can be frequently found perusing pound shops, dollar stores and the various equivalents for bits and pieces that are essential and inspirational in our crafty pursuits.  If you can find components there, they'll be at fractions of the regular craft store prices,  The craft aisle regularly offers up new and interesting bits to get your creative juices flowing, becoming a fun challenge of "what could I do with this?".

Because I have a bit of a sparkle/colour addiction problem, I try to come up with a few potential concepts before loading up my basket with the exciting new items, and on very rare occasions I will even put something back.  I feel proud when this happens, and the Dollar Store folks usually take note.  Yes, it's rare.  But in my defence, I have learned over the years that sometimes you just have to grab them/it as you will someday have the perfect plan/need and you may never see it again.  Sigh. Oh please bring back the ... insert long list here.

Bracelets with lovely glass beads

Something else I have learned, and some of you may not realize, is that craft supplies aren't just in the craft aisle.  I have taken apart all sorts of things for reworking.  It's a big part of the fun. I love to take things apart and even do it with my own work (though I should probably try to curtail this habit).

Be sure to check out the jewelry, hair supplies, party section, office supplies for sure but pretty much every aisle is craft aisle.  I once found the most fabulous beads in a dog leash.  Who'd have thought?

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