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Ornament Pattern: Lime Green Diamond Dangle Christmas Ornament

This is the pattern I've written out for the Lime Green Diamond Dangle Christmas Ornament which I put together as a craft kit, but  you can of course use any variations of your own ideas.

This ornament uses the following beads: 1 large acrylic green diamond, 1 large acrylic round green bead, 10 large lime green seed beads, 34+ medium crystal seed beads, 34+ tiny green seed beads.

TIP: For the small and medium seed beads, you may find it easier to poke them onto the cord from your work surface as if it were a needle. For the larger beads, just pick them up and slide them on.

Pick up one end of your stretchy cord, keeping the other end flat on your work surface to prevent beads from falling off and bouncing away. On one end of the cord, thread 5 tiny green beads, followed by 1 medium crystal bead. Next, add the large green diamond, followed by 1 medium crystal bead and 5 tiny green beads. You will have a mirror effect on either side of the diamond.
At this point, bring both ends of your cord together so that you can thread the beads over both ends at once. Over both ends - string one large lime green bead, the round green crystal, and another large lime green bead. You have now finished the dangly part of the ornament.

At this point you are going to return to stringing beads on just one end of the cord, so lay the other end flat on your work surface again.

On one end of the cord string 1 tiny green bead, 1 medium crystal bead and 1 large lime green bead. For the pattern at the base of the beaded hanger string (1 medium crystal bead, 1 small green bead, 1 medium crystal bead, one large lime green bead) 3 times. From the top of the large round crystal you will now have five of the large lime green seed beads. Continue for the narrower top of the bead hanger with (1 medium crystal, 1 tiny green bead) 8 times. Finish this side with 1 medium crystal.
Lay your finished side down and gently pick up the other side to repeat the pattern. When both sides are done you will have two medium crystal beads ready to join. NOTE: Because when you tie your knot it will leave some spacing, the finished look works better by skipping the tiny seed bead that would be next in the pattern.

When both sides are complete, you’re ready to join. Hold the ornament up to balance your work so that the sides are even, and then gently pull to align the beads. Tie the cord into a knot - and try not to pull too tight. Once fastened, tie a few knots, changing sides for a more even finish, and then trim the excess cord with scissors.

Your work of art is now ready to adorn the tree!

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