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Mini Skirts for Mini Trees #1

It's like the Doctor Who Christmas invasion - Christmas trees are everywhere - living room, dining room, craft room, spare bedroom ...  they've just sprung up here there and everywhere.   In preparation for my upcoming craft show, I'm sprucing up my mini Christmas Trees and editing their ornaments.  Each one has such a lot of character with a huge variety of trimmings and garland.

I was never totally happy with the stars that used to adorn the tops of these trees, so this year I've upgraded to these lovely star tree toppers that I just found.  They make such a beautiful improvement, and I found them in several colours.

The main reason these little trees have taken over the house is that I thought it would be a cute idea to finish them off by making them all their own mini tree skirts.  As I've recently found a few balls of the faux fur yarn I like so much, I decided I'd edge them with fun, furry, faux fur trim.

I've made them following my normal tree skirt pattern so they are made with a slit to wrap around, and fasten with cute little ties. The tree skirt can easily be removed for cleaning, and it gives it a nice miniature look - just like a full size Christmas Tree that has been shrunk down by Christmas magic.  Just think how wonderful it would be for your storage requirements if that were actually possible!

So how does it all come together ... well just like this!  Aren't they luxurious and festive?   The mini tree skirt totally transforms these little trees.

I love these types of things for decorating, as everything is wired in place you simply pop it on a desk or side table and instant decoration that looks like you spent ages.

For these mini skirts I used a thinner wool - Patons Astra - and a smaller hook - 5.5 mm - and found the ideal size to be 9 rows so they shouldn't take too much to do. 

I'm not sure how many I have to complete - there are still several boxes to go through -  or how many I'll actually get through in the next month with everything else there is to do,  but I really love the finished result so one by one I'll do as many as I can.

They'll look great on the craft show table if nothing else!

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