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Fussy but Royal Beaded Ornament Hooks!

My beaded ornament hooks are getting fancier and fancier these days.  I keep being drawn to these fabulous special beads - in this case more rhinestone bling, in silver - and when I saw these deep midnight blue faceted crystal beads I just couldn't leave them as a bracelet.  The colour is so deep and rich and they shine like crazy.  I knew they would look great paired with the bright silver gems and the style puts me in mind of the 'royal ring' that once belonged to Diana and now belongs to Kate.  I've always loved that ring.

These are the fussiest beaded ornament hooks I've made so far - and the reason is the flat backed claw set 'diamond' gem that I put just above the blue faceted rondelle.  Because I want need that diamond not to swivel, the tension has to be just right.  Too loose and it will swivel and need adjustment to hang just right, too tight and the teeny tiny crystal seed beads will break and it will be too loose again.  It can be a tad frustrating and you definitely need to find your groove.  Once you get it right, they sit perfectly.

I'm certainly no expert yet, having only made the 6 total, but I am not put off.  When I bought the deep blue beads as a bracelet at Michaels, I also bought the same in a deep rich purple/burgundy.  They don't capture nearly as lovely as they are in the photos as they just seem to shoot beams of all sorts of colours, and playing off the mirror effect of the gem encrusted beads, they're quite spectacular.  I keep imagining the burgundy/purple ones with gold accents and the multi-colour gem encrusted beads ... mmmm.

Oh, if only there were elves to direct.  But there aren't, so it's bit by bit for me and I'd better be off to the craft room to do some sorting and then more things for the upcoming craft show.

More of these is not even on the top 100 list right now and I really need to work on the lower and mid range styles, as well as craft show prep, but I just can't control these feeling fancy moods as I discover more and more lovely beads. If this style is Audrey Hepburn, the other one would be Kate - I might need to work some up after all. Hmmm ... maybe I'll call this style Hollywood Royalty.

You can see lots more styles and colours of beaded ornament hangers in my Etsy shop.

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