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Great Ideas! Sock Snowmen

Looking around the internet I've really fallen in love with the snowman sock concept.  What a totally fabulous idea.

SockSnowmen10 (Photo credit: eamylove)
For me, it's the perfect craft in that you can change just about any element of the "recipe".  You'll need a sock.  Beyond that, the options are limitless.

Certainly children could partcipate in elements of the production, depending on the age, and wouldn't they make adorable gifts for their friends and teachers?

I'm really no expert on chidrens' crafts - my children have claws and fur and they'd be total rubbish at helping with these - not that this would stop them trying.  I can remember my own childhood days of crafting and I know I'd have been keen to make an army of these adorable guys and gals.

You can make a 2 ball or 3 ball snowman.  This photo from eamvlove features a 3 ball snowman and I love the introduction of the bright socks for hats and sweaters.  So far, I've seen them stuffed with rice or beans but presumably you could use dried peas, barley, any type of filler element that would give it some weight to stand.  You'll need rubber bands for shaping the structure but these won't be visible when you get to the fun stuff - decorating.

For embellishments, goodness me what couldn't you use?  Every snowman you craft will have a completely different personality.  Good fun.

YouTube is an excellent resource for anything crafty - for instance, you can follow right along with someone elses hands if you don't understand a tricky stitch - and there are a lot of good DIY videos for making a sock snowman.  I've selected us two.

I like this first tutorial from Tonia P because it's quick and to the point. Gives you the basics and some lovely examples for inspiration.  The jazzy Christmas tune is a nice bonus too.

For a more follow along version I like this one from Jus4SweetZ with lots of information, lots of detail and great ideas for making really cute snowmen.  This video shows you the production from start to finish.

I've also included below some related links from Zemanta to more blog sites that feature making your own sock snowmen, so let's get busy people!  Lots of ideas to inspire.
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