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Multi-Colour Rhinestone Bead Christmas Earrings

Rhinestone Bead Earrings with Snowflakes and Crystal Crackle Glass Beads
Yesterday's crafting session was back to the Christmas earrings, and this time my primary focus was these 14mm multi-colour rhinestone beads.  I thought it might be more productive if I focused on one element - which was these stunning beads - worked up with a variety of charms and other focal beads.

Rhinestone Bead Earrings with Bells and Red Crackle Glass Beads

The multi-coloured gemstone beads are really warm and shiny - reflecting all sorts of colours - and they seemed to work best to me with the warmth of the bronze - rather than a cool silver.  So the focus continued - Christmas Earrings - Rhinestone Beads - Bronze Charms.

Rhinestone Bead Earrings with Bronze Snowflakes (2) and Garnet Glass Beads
The shiny rhinestone beads in the multi-colour work with such a wide variety of accents, and they are a bit chameleon-like in that they will change to take on the hue of the colours around them.  The garnet beads turn them almost pinky in colour ...

Rhinestone Bead Earrings with Christmas Stocking and Gold Glass Beads
Gold glass beads around them give them an extra-warm golden glow ...

Rhinestone Bead Earrings with Christmas Wreath and Seaglass Green Frosted Bead
... whereas these smaller seaglass green frosted glass beads give them a cooler green - almost vintage - look.  You get the idea.  It was addictive and fun so I made many more styles.  You can see more of these and other styles in my Holiday Earrings section on Etsy.

My verdict on the rhinestone beads for earrings ... please see below

I love these rhinestone beads in earrings.

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