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Craft Kits: Victorian Elegance Beaded Garland

I had occassion yesterday to be reminded of my garland kits, and I realize that I have never blogged about them.  And you crafty folks might be interested as now is a good time to start making things for the holidays.

These red 'beads' are actually styrofoam, and it works just like stringing popcorn and cranberries - it is meant to be reminiscent of that, but you'll have it year after year.  I experimented with all kinds of variations because having the right hang weight is important for the look.  The styrofoam is virtually weightless, so you need the other seed beads to give it substance.

Everything you need is packaged up into a kit.  Styrofoam 'beads', 6/0 seed beads and 10/0 seed beads, needle and doubled thread.  We had these garlands on our trees last year and they work great.  They do tangle, but absolutely like magic if you just hold the garland above the tangle and let it dangle, it untangles itself.  No need to fuss at all.

This version is also available in a white with lavendar/pink.  Very soft and pretty with super bright white pops of colour.   As this style uses the 10/0 seed beads it is quite tiny work and not all of the small seed beads will go on the needle, but more than enough are included, so you just move on to the next.

Very pretty results for Christmas Tree garland.  You can find these kits, as well as some easier to complete options on my Etsy Shop.

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