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Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Painted Glass Balls

Painted Glass Balls on my wire Christmas Tree
This is a fun little ornament you can make in a variety of styles just by experimenting with colour combinations. They take very little work, you'll just need space to lay them out for a while (days) to dry. Small yoghurt containers or styrofoam cups which you can cut down to size are excellent for draining the paint while the ornament dries.

Carefully remove the hanger from a clear glass ball. Hold the metal cover firmly as you slide the ring hanger out so that the neck won't get broken or chipped. The original instructions I had years ago suggested rinsing out with water and vinegar and then leave to dry thoroughly. To be honest, sometimes I do this, sometimes I don't and I haven't noticed a difference.

Close up of Painted Christmas Balls
The process is simple, just add blobs of paint and slowly swirl the ornament to cover the inside. I use the styrofoam cups to hold the ball at various angles and move it every few minutes until the interior surface is thoroughly coated.

When you're ready, turn the ball upside down and let the excess paint drain into the cup and the ornament to dry. I generally leave them for a day or two. You can decorate the outside, add a bow, whatever takes your fancy.  Fun, fun, fun!

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