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An Accidental Design - Gemsicles

Take a look at these sparkly things - aren't they wonderful?  Can you tell what they are meant to be?  These are an accidental creation because my first plan didn't work.

I picked up these small bracelets the other day, thinking that I could separate the "beads" for use in other projects.  Alas, that didn't work out because I didn't realize that the 'beads' - which are actually gems in little clawed holders - are connected with metal pieces which form part of the claw base.

You know those lovely icicle tinsel dangles that people put on their tree?  Well, we can't have those because the cats would eat them - and do themselves no good at all - so I decided to craft some gem stone versions.  See how they will dangle like little bits of tinsel?  Shimmery, shiny, gemstone tinsel.

Once I had come up with plan B, I knew I wanted to use these lovely losenge shaped crackle ice beads - they're just the thing.  I also used pearls, translucent 6/0 seed beads, 10/0 silver beads, and 8/0 frosted matte white beads.

The trickiest thing is to cut the bracelets and carefully remove the elastic. This, I found, takes a few goes, but gently is the key or it is easy to bend the claws which hold the gems in place.  Once the elastic is out, the former bracelets hang nicely with just the metal separators.   I attached the wire for the beaded hanger portion slightly off center for a more whimsical look, et voila ...  Gemsicles.

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