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Paint Splotch Acrylic Beads in Diamond Dangles

Painted Splotch Acrylic Beads with Cats Eye Shiny Beads
Here are some more of my selection of fabulous beads.  I call them Paint Splotch beads and I have them in a lovely variety of colours.  They match so very nicely with these super shiny cats eye like beads that I've used before in my Cats Eye Beaded Ornament Hangers

Topaz Paint Splotch Bead Icicle Diamond Dangles
I noticed the other day that my selection of clear crystal diamond dangles was pretty limited so I thought I'd better get on with making some more style and colour variations. 

Green Paint Splotch Bead Icicle Diamond Dangles

I really like the combination of the large acrylic paintisplotch beads with the shiny cats eye beads, and I use a smaller focal bead for sparkle accent close to the diamond dangle, and three pearls up the icicle portion to make them look like these diamonds are dripping from the Christmas Tree.

Red Paint Splotch Bead Icicle Diamond Dangles
Small silver plated round beads, tiny transulcent gold seed beads in size 10/0, silver lined crystal seed beads in size 8/0 and other 8/0 seed beads in co-ordinating colours complete these icicle diamond dangles.  Using the 8/0 and 10/0 seed beads is a little more work than using a size up - 6/0 and 8/0's which you could use - but I find it gives the best overall strength to the piece so it's worth it.

Onwards and upwards, with just over a month to the big Christmas Craft show and the holiday season looming it's full scale production and packaging around here.

If you are interested you can see these and many more ornament styles on my Christmas is Magical shop on Etsy.

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