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Mini Skirts for Mini Trees #2, 3 and 4!

Last week I posted about my first mini skirt for my mini trees, and this week I am happy to update that three more are complete.  There are at least four more to do, if I can manage it, and perhaps more hiding in boxes I haven't yet opened.

For tree skirt #2 I kept things simple.  Just one colour for the main body until the fabulous fur trim.  This tree has a matching turquoise star, so it really looks Winter Wonderland festive.  I reduced the initial increasing of stitches so lies much more flat.

For tree skirt #3, I tried a little more striping of the pattern.  Two rows each of green, red, green, red and then the fur trim.  Even though these colours are bright and contrasting you virtually lose some of the pattern, so the initial striping doesn't really seem worth it.

By tree skirt #4 I had found my stride.  One simple stripe, and extra white before the faux fur trim to make it look more luxurious.  The white I used has a shiny fleck in it so it is nice and sparkly.  I did four rows in white (in this case the body colour), 2 red rows for the stripe, 2 white rows and then faux fur trim.  The mini tree skirts are only 9 rows, so they really do work up quickly.

Like my larger tree skirts, these tie up at the back.  Because the skirts are so small though, I didn't fuss with my normal method of attaching ties on both sides.  I've simply made a length of chain stitches which I thread through either side like shoe laces.  I've done two of these to keep it together nice and flat - one goes around the base and the other near the middle.  No doubt ribbon would also do the trick just as nicely.

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