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Treearrings? European Style Beaded Ornament Hangers

European Style Beads with Pearls Ornament Hangers

I seem to be going a bit more to the 'designer series' section of my Christmas crafting these days with some fabulous and unusual bead finds.    These aren't necessarily unusual, but they certainly are special.

Euroepan style beads have been around for some time now, and the original Pandora beads are beyond stunning - with a price tag to match.  They are a very popular style of bead today and make beautiful jewelry.

So, of course ... treearrings?  Tree-earrings?  Jewelry for your Christmas Tree for sure. Some have swirls off glass colours, others swirls and blobs of glass, gemstones, and sparkle.  Mmmm, I love them all of course. These beads are gorgeous.

I've worked them all with pearls, 8/0 silver lined crystal seed beads and 10/0 silver seed beads - for consistency - and I've used 8/0 seed beads in colours to co-ordinate with the European style beads - for variety.

I think it would look great to have the entire mixed variety on a tree-of-many-colours but I've decided to package them in pairs for more particular choices for mono-chromatic palettes.  I must say, I played with this decision for a little bit too long - something tells me I need to find more of these lovely beads!

You really can find a huge variety of styles and colours and I like these black and white ones more than I thought I would.  While definitely not your traditional Christmas choices, I can think of several ornaments that these would be perfect for.    They are all just so lovely.

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