"Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies. ... Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world."

Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Large Diamond Dangles in Lime Green

Back to the Christmas craft room for me today.   I have so many things to work up (lucky me!) that I'm trying to get on to a system ... diamond dangles ... snowflake ornaments ... beaded ornament hangers .... cards.  But yikes, I'm forgetting tree skirts, garland, gift tags, jewelry and so much more.  I understand why Santa employs so many elves.

I know I'm a bit crazy for starting Christmas things so early, but it's crazy necessary and I'm glad I did.  Orders for holiday items are already coming in on Etsy, and if it's anything like past years it will really pick up when the kids are back in school in just a few weeks.

So these are more of my diamond dangle series - these with the extra large size acrylic diamonds in lime green.    The large acrylic faceted bead is too perfect a match not to include it, and the wooden beads in red and green, flanked by opaque white seed beads give a nice festive hit of colour.

Packaging really finishes them off!

If I could, I would just craft and craft and craft and craft, but I'm trying to be good about working up multiples of styles, and keeping up with the packaging, photography and posting as I go.  It's a good practice in self-discipline especially when I am surrounded by so many lovely things just calling me to play with them.  Bit by bit.  I'm getting there.

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