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Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Purple Hearts

Deep Purple and Silver Filigree Hearts
I've had these beautiful silver filigree hearts before and made some lovely earrings - matching them with deep red crystal beads.  Lovely, that is, if you are at least one quarter giraffe.  They were a little too much.  So, they have been sitting in one of the myriad "almost finished" boxes awaiting  inspiration.

Lovely magenta rondelles and shiny deep purple beads
Inspiration came in the form of ... Christmas ornaments!   I know, not much of a surprise is it?

I knew I wanted to play with the shiny purple or pink beads for this Christmas ornament execution with the filigree hearts.  Purple became the winner when I remembered these lovely deep magenta rondelles that I had to go with them.  The filigree heart is a substantial piece so it can handle some lovely large beads without being overwhelmed.  

Purple hearts look pretty on their shiny packaging

I make these ornaments so that they won't come off their hangers, and the hole on the heart was a little too big for seed beads to hold it securely, so I have used tiny little purple pearls.  I must say, it's wonderful having such well stocked bead cabinets.

As my mind was completely focused on matching beads while making them, I didn't think about the connotation of their name until I was finished.  Hmmm, maybe we'll go with magenta hearts.

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