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Q is for Quick: Puffy Gift Tags

Festive gift tags with glitter papers

There are a number of holiday themed paper craft challenge sites that I enjoy following.  It's amazing to me the beautiful things that people are creating.

I like the aspect of the challenges for the fact that it helps to focus you - something I'm always looking for help with - and one of the sites I've recently found has been having Christmas challenges focused around the alphabet - the ABC Christmas Challenge.  This site is for Christmas projects of any kind - coinciding with the theme.

The last challenge of  "P is for ..." passed me by with only the best intentions of penguins, pearls, pointsettias, purple and the likes - I didn't make anything in time.

When the challenge changed this week to "Q is for Quick" I knew there could be no excuses.  Time to make some Christmas gift tags.  We have lots of  holiday bits and papers to work up - and when I say 'we' I mean me and the cats - so it's time to get busy.

I am trying to keep my cards nice and flat these days to avoid the ridiculous Canada Post prices for cards that have any kind of thickness, so these adorable puffy stickers were ear-marked for gift tags.  

Bows and curly ribbon are banned in our house because the adorable furry children tend to eat such things.  I just don't understand why cats do this as I can't imagine it's tasty, but my guys will have it in a nano-second so it's best to be avoided.  Because of them, and because I like my packages to look pretty, I have started making fancy gift tags to take the place of bows and ribbons.  

So these are the first of what will hopefully be a flurry of some holiday gift tags.  I've used my 2", 2 1/2", 3" and 3 1/2" circle punch cutters.  The adorable and bright puffy stickers are placed on 2" circles of white card stock and they are raised over the glitter card stock with thick mounting squares.  I did this for two reasons. It gives a nice enhancement to the puffiness of the sticker, but for practical reasons it is difficult to get a permanent "flat stick" with anything I've tried on the glitter stick.  From trial and error, the raised mounting squares do the job.

The other card socks are mounted with double sided tape (glitter stock on shiny stock) and a glue stick for the shiny stock onto the white card stock.  Big, bold, fun and "Q for Quick".

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