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Cats Eye and Pearls Beaded Ornament Hooks

Glowy Cats Eye style beads look rich and elegant with graduated pearls

It's no wonder I have so many trees at Christmas time when I keep falling in love with every new beaded ornament hanger.  I found these beads the other day and they are stunning, with a cats eye effect that catches your eye and seems to shout out "hey look at me, aren't I gorgeous?"  I love them to bits!

I thought the colours were really rich and lustrous so decided to pair them with creamy pearls and translucent deep gold tiny seed beads to bring out that richness.  They're so pretty any number of styles would be great, but I am happy with this elegant styling, and it's nice to have a variety of colours with a consistency of look.

I think they will be magic on a tree as when they play off the lights they will look like little balls of colourful lights illuminating the ornaments.  The graduation of pearls looks like little drops of snow - so fresh against the green background.

I wanted the focal elements to be the star in this style and keep the rest simple, so I've used just simple teeny tiny (10/0) translucent gold seed beads that are in a deep rich tone.  It's the first time I've used just the tiny seed beads and although it is a bit more work it gives a very nice strong finish - almost as if it's fancy wire that glows.

While I`m talking about beads, let me share with you one of my crafter top tips - look EVERYWHERE for your supplies, they're not just in the craft aisles.  And feel free to take things apart and reassemble in entirely new ways - it's so much fun!  These lovely beads were in the jewelry section, and not expensive.  Now they have a whole new life!

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