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Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Luxurious Red Velvety Beads

Luxurious Red Velvety Beads in Beaded Ornament Hangers

These are some more of my recent fabulous new bead finds.  Rich red velvety beads - in a huge 22mm.  They seem very luxurious to me, so I have paired them in these beaded ornament hooks with deep opaque colours and rich metallic gold seed beads. 

Accented with 10/0  and 6/0 gold seed beads, and 8/0 seed beads in opaque green, white and deep red
I wanted to give them a little more of a Christmas festive feel, so I've done the beaded hanger portion in red, white and green.  It's funny, from the time I saw these lovely beads to order I pictured them with pearls and crystals, but despite trying several variations of this it just wasn't quite working for me.

These lovely beads don't neeed anything around them - they look best when they are superstars all on their own.  I find this is part of the fun of creating - putting all sorts of things together until you are happy with the results - and the unexpected surprises along the way.

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