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Crocheted Garland: the Royal Collection

Well, gosh it's been a while. Spring is springing forth (finally, it seems this year!) and thoughts of Christmas may be nowhere near to mind for most, but around here it never truly stops.

With spring cleaning comes re-organization and it's time for me to review the things I'm making and get them photographed for posting on Etsy. I figure if I start slow and steady, I'll get there right?

Today's mission ... more crocheted bead garland.  Finding this metallic faux fur yarn has really been terrific.  Having experimented with many variations this, for me, is the perfect choice.

The only headache can be working with this type of yarn if you are not used to it as it is difficult to see stitches, but as most of my house is crocheted in faux fur yarns this is not a problem for me.

It's a simple construct crocheting between the strung beaded garland, which in this case is with oval beads - chain 2 or 3 (depending on your hook size and tension) and single crochet between each bead.  Work from one end to the other, finish off your ends and you are done.  Beaded garland meets tinsel in this lovely combo garland.

You'll be all set to deck those halls!

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