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Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

A New Day ... A New Snowflake Concept

It's a new day around here on the blog, and a new day calls for a new craft activity.  Okay, well, snowflake ornaments aren't new, but these type of snowflake ornaments are new - to me.

I've been looking at these snowflake wire forms for beading for ages, and only recently got some to play with.  They begin as a sort of asterix of wire and you just bead up the 'arms'.  Oh what fun.  Oh what possibilities!

Being new to these I wanted to experiment, and I've done so using up some of my gum ball beads.  Perhaps it's the influence of Spring creeping into my Christmas decorations, because I realize that these are quite appropriate for Easter.  Honestly, it's not my fault it snowed for Easter week this year in Ontario.

Typically I see these beaded snowflake ornaments hanging from ribbon.  While that is a pretty option, it felt to me like the introduction of an element that wasn't required.  Being enamored with the concept of beaded ornament hangers, I've decided to go that route.  The snowflake is beaded directly on to a small beaded hanger so that it all becomes one piece, and won't come off the hook

All packaged up with the heavy card stock and pretty co-ordinated Christmas papers, these are all ready to go and posted on my Christmas Shop.

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