"Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies. ... Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world."

Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Rainbow Bling Diamond Dangles

What an absolutely rubbish weekend it's been - weather wise that is.  I was meant to be doing a couple of craft tables at a local event, but as it was outdoors and as the heavens opened and drenched us for two days straight, along with high winds - that didn't materialize.  Since we've had so much rain, and the Pride Parade in Toronto this week-end (which the rain didn't seem to dampen), the subject is rainbows.

Buttons and Crimbo Crackers

This week I came across a new challenge site that I knew I'd love as soon as I saw the name - Crimbo Crackers - utterly brilliant.  To make things even better the themed challenges aren't just for cards, which is more up my alley, and the first challenge I'm seeing is of interest to me.  Buttons, hooray, I love buttons.  Although they make ideal embellishments in card making, I've yet to do that more than once but I have played with lots of things incorporating buttons and Christmas.

Ye Olde Silver Tree

I was looking for a photo to use on this blog today when I realized that the photo/post I was looking for wasn't here - but on one of several other blog sites that I had transitioned from.   The yin to my creative ideas seems to be the yang of creative chaos ;)  It's a shame I didn't keep one blog going, but I simply must show you here the transition that my little 50 year old Christmas tree - that's travelled the world - recently underwent.  Maybe you've got something like this kicking about that you thought was nearly ready for the bin - think again!

Upcycling Christmas Gift Tags

Getting back into the crafting groove, and trying more than anything to have a clear out of craft supplies, I've upcycled some festive gift tags for Christmas.  I found some super cute gift tags at the dollar store last season and thought that they would make wonderful embellishments.  Originally a mini-card with a little envelope, I've cut the backs off and adhered the bright graphic images to a 2" scalloped square which I've die cut in matching colours.

Tszuj it Up!

I, like many before me, have just had to google the spelling for a word that may not in fact exist.  I use it all the time - as I do it all the time - but I didn`t have a clue how to spell "juj?" it up.  I'm still not certain it is an actual word but I have certainly chosen my favourite spelling. Tszuj.  What a great word.  Scrabble, anyone?

Crocheted Garland: the Royal Collection

Well, gosh it's been a while. Spring is springing forth (finally, it seems this year!) and thoughts of Christmas may be nowhere near to mind for most, but around here it never truly stops.

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