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Fuzzy Winter White Beaded Garland

In addition to setting up my sample trees to organize my ornaments for sale on my Etsy Christmas Shop by theme, I've been using the opportunity of all these trees around me to photograph my garland more 'in situ'.  I think it shows it off nicely, and the 2 1/2 foot trees make it relatively easy to prep for a photo shoot.

I love the crochet beaded garland and have been experimenting and adding variations of style to the offering. Now I have to get busy making quantities of all these styles as they are proving very popular.

I have had this 'eyelash' faux fur yarn on one of my trees for a few years - the red and white.  Every year Mum admires it which is significant as we don't have precisely the same style of decorating and adornment.  While there are huge parallels, as I was influenced very positively with my youthful holiday memories, Mum is much more elegant than me.  Mum is not a glitter freak.

Working up a variety of styles and getting them photographed for posting for sale I now can offer with the fuzzy-wintery-whitey eyelash yarn; red, green, blue, pink and purple.  I like them all, and would a love a tree with one of each on it as I've always got a multi-coloured tree for my memory and special treasure ornaments, which are all colours.

If you're a crafter and want to make your own, with this eyelash yarn I find best results with 2.5 crochet hook, and while both round and oval beads are nice, I prefer the oval ones. Single chain between each bead with 2-3 chains in between each.  Or, whatever variation of this you fancy.

I work in 9ft lengths and find that most ideal for a variety of purposes,and less fussy than longer lengths for a big tree.  For more ideas see my Garland & Tree Skirts Section in the shop.

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