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Square Card Snowflake with Candy Cane Glitter and Gems

I've been working on Christmas cards and gift tags lately - while the myriad paper crafting supplies are out - as it won't be long before they're needed.  I have so many things/possibilities that my sanity plan is to focus on one thing at a time and try my best not to get distracted. In this case the focus item is my supply of square cards, and the goal is to develop a few standard templates for different colour/theme variations.

This is the first 'template' I've come up with - a circle within a rectangle within a square. You wouldn't believe how many variations and tiny adjustments I tried before I was happy with the result but now I am pleased.

I have been saving the sparkle red/white/pink candy cane paper as it is one of my faves, and here it is the inspiration.    I've picked up the sparkle with an inset of glitter paper and enhanced it with a long strip of deep red sparkly gems.

The focal item is a bright white snowflake - one of my new die cuts that I just love - and it is set in a circle of red, red/pink polka dot christmas card stock and bright white scalloped circle.  The snowflake is attached with a raised adhesive dot to give it more texture, and a gem in the center for the final touch.

The cards that I am using are 14.5 cm square (5 3/4") and these are the dimensions for this template.

Backing plate:  Red Card stock 14 cm2, Christmas Card Stock with Sparkle 13.5 cm2
Inset:  White card stock 10 x 11.5 cm, dark red card stock 9.5 x 11 cm, glitter card stock 9 x 9.5
Focal Element:  3.5" white scallop circle, 3" red card stock circle, 2.5" christmas patterned stock
Embellishments: 2.5" die cut snowflake, gems strip of 14 + 1 for center of snowflake

You could easily modify the concept to a variety of sizes and shapes.

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