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Seussical The Musical Diamond Dangles

We get our design inspiration from all over the place and today's assignment was a super fun one for me ... to create a potential small ornament momento for cast members performing Seussical the Musical.  Great fun! The starting point for the concept was the shorter version of my button style dangles.

The buttons are so whimsical - and Seussical - in the way they make their lop sided patterns and they look fabulous when hanging because the light shines through in slices emphasizing the interesting shapes.

The brief talked about incorporating black with red and white for a 'Cat in the Hat' styling, and also using a variety of colours.  We're all familiar with the graphic Cat in the Hat with his simple and recognizable red and white striped top hat.

This is my dangle ornament version of the Cat in the Hat.  I used a deep deep matte black bead which I think gives it a more graphic - animated - look, and paired it with bright white opaque beads so they really pop.  I think the diamonds give it a nice Broadway bling.  Between the buttons in a variety of sizes and shapes I've used an opaque black seed bead to work with the focal black bead that has almost a suede finish.

The tiny seed beads that form the hook and from where the diamond dangles are a dark multi-colour shimmer.  It's really difficult to get a good picture but when you look closely you seen greens and blues and purples and golds.  Kind of like an oil slick rainbow, but in a good way.

I looked around on the web because I'm not familiar with the Broadway show, and to get some design cues.  Looking at images of the show it's anything but simple graphic.  What a visual treat in the costumes, backdrops and set designs.

Fabulously fun shapes and every colour of the rainbow in it's brightest hues.  This show looks like good fun.  I decided to add a companion or alternate into the mix with a design that reflects the imagery of the musical.

This Seussical the Musical version features the same patterning with a mixed variety of bright coloured buttons.

 Each ornament has about 33 beads and 5 buttons along with the acrylic diamond pendant and it uses matte black 'pearls' with size 6.0 seed beads in opaque white, size 8.0 seed beads in opaque black and size 10.0 beads in oilslick rainbow.  They are beaded on wire ornament hooks and hang approximately 3 1/2".

Together, I like the way the represent the show and they look very cute and whimsical.

Here's a song from the show (which I listed to while I worked!) ...  have a listen, and a lovely day..

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