"Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies. ... Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world."

Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

From the Kitchen of ... Gift Tags

This weeks theme on the Weekly Christmas Card Challenges blog site is Think Tags.  You can use tag decorations on your Christmas card designs, or you can make tags for gifts.  It seemed like the perfect time to jump back in with these gift tags intended for home baking type gifts.

Christmas Cranberries

I just love the deep red colour - and the smell - of cranberries during the holidays.  Cranberries have long been a staple for Christmas decorating with the traditional stringing of cranberry or cranberry and popcorn garland for the Christmas Tree. We never did this in our house (food was for eating, not playing with) but I have memories of stringing cranberry popcorn garland with some of my friends. It's also a lovely idea for outside for the birds and critters to enjoy.

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