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Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Sample Trees

Goodness gracious, can you believe the date?  I can't fathom how December has become so close all of a sudden, and I seem to have lost my Christmas production mojo at a rather peculiar time.  I blame the leaves - it's been a lot of raking. I heard my first Christmas Carol though yesterday, so no more messing about, it's time to get back into Christmas preparations.  Here we go.

I visited my local dollar store and cleared the shelves of mini-trees as soon as they came out, for I had a plan.  The kind folks at Dollarama were all an alert for them for me as I am able to give them my "I'm looking for " list and they're great at keeping an eye out.  I'm there a lot.

So the plan was/is to create different scheme trees of my ornaments on Etsy.  I have so many different things that it's difficult, even for me, to get a sense of what I actually have and what goes with what etc.

I recently began the concept of a sample tree but that was just silly - worked out almost perfectly with 10 trees.  We have a purple one, pale pink one, olde world Christmas one, burgundy/gold one, silver and navy one, pale pink one, bright pink one, turquoise one, white and clear one, traditional Chrismas red one and Holly Jolly Seussical  one .... phew.

And believe me, there is SOOOO much more that isn't on Etsy, so beginning to organize at least this part of it feels good.  Tree toppers and tree skirts needed next.  Off we go!

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