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Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Fabulous Festive Food - Winter Wonderland Trees, Snowmen and Candy Canes oh my!

I have seen so many cute ideas for holiday entertaining food that take themes OTT - which I'm all about, for sure when it comes to Christmas.  Themes are cool.  So many cute ideas, in fact, that when I try to find one that I have in mind I struggle to locate it, and then I become insanely distracted by more great ideas as I search through my Pinterest boards and etc. and then ... I have fallen down the rabbit hole, or Santa's chimney, as it were.  What is this organized thing of which they speak?  I try though, I do try.  So I thought, hey, while I'm trying to get organized, why don't I share.

These are some of my favourite ideas, as I come across them, that I would really like to try, and how they might work together.    If you've tried any of these ideas it would be great to have your input.  So lets begin on the subject of Christmas food, yummmm.... and let's begin with sweet treats with a winter forest theme.

It all started with the Peanut Butter Christmas Trees.  I really want one right now.  Aren't they adorable and would be so much fun to assemble and decorate.  I'm sure kids would love to make these and the sky's the limit for embellishing with all sorts of candy ideas, or simple and elegant like these.  You could use the concept to decorate the top of a cake or a cupcake or as a sweet treat in itself.  I think they would make a magical display interspersed with marshmallow snowmen cupcakes and candy cane marshmallows.  A veritable feast of winter wonderland.

Sweet Simple Stuff has the most wonderful posts on Peanut Butter Cup trees with fabulous photos and step by step instructions.  I like entertaining ideas that are more about assembly than cooking/baking so this is a real winner.  I might suggest though that you double the amount of peanut butter cups you need in case some accidentally fall into your mouth.

And what would look adorable with a forest of Peanut Butter Cup trees you wonder?  Well, how about these fabulous Marshmallow Snowmen Cupcakes from CatchmyParty.com.

Again, another wonderful blog find with gorgeous detailed photos for step by step understanding of the process. Doesn't it make you want to run right out and get the supplies to try some?  Orange starburst candy for the nose is a superb idea, and what can I say about the hat?  Jillian at CatchmyParty is a genius ...that hat is the business!   I'm loving the hat.

When you buy a bag of marshmallows there are always too many - and you're buying two sizes so for sure you'll have too many so this is what you do... to your little winter wonderland theme you can intersperse some candy cane fenceposts, archways, etc.

There is no page link with this image on Pinterest, but just crush some candy canes, melt some chocolate, stick a small candy cane in the marhsmallow then dip into the chocolate and then the crushed candy canes. Lay them on waxes paper to set.  There, you've used up some of your marshmallows and they're another cute addition to the festive mix.

Now, do you want to set it all off with more fabulous theme integration?  Of course you do, we need more, and here it is ... serve it on a candy platter or individual plates.  Jessica at LivingChicontheCheap.com will show you how!

Can't you just picture the children's faces with a peppermint candy platter full of peanut butter christmas trees, marshallow snowmen and candy canes oh my!  It would be a perfect way for the elf to arrive into town!

To see more yummy and fun Christmas treats I`ve pinned follow the Ho Ho Holiday Christmas Treats Board.

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