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Pretty Purple and Silver Sparkle Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

I've started working on smaller tree skirts. They are just perfect for a 3' or abouts Christmas Tree, which I often use for testing when I'm working on my ornaments.  They're such a great size and so pretty on a table top.  I've sketched out a number of patterning styles and this is a great way to more quickly test the concept for a larger tree skirt.  This smaller size is based on 12 rows and measures approximately 19.5".

This style has a feature band.  In this version the main colour is purple, the feature band is variegated pink/purple/blue and the accent is white.  The design is worked using 2 rows main, 1 accent, 3 feature band, 1 accent, 2 main.

The edge is what I really wanted to get to testing - the faux fur sparkle yarn worked in with the worsted.  This edge is 1 row worsted, 1 row worsted/faux sparkle worked together, and the edge with picot points in worsted.

The overall concept looks very pretty and could easily be worked up in a larger version with similar proportions.  For the ties, I have come to prefer separate 'strings' worked as 60 chain, rather than attaching ties to both sides as it gives you more flexibility for different types of tree stands and bases. Or perhaps that's just a justification - it seem simpler.

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