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Buttons and Crimbo Crackers

This week I came across a new challenge site that I knew I'd love as soon as I saw the name - Crimbo Crackers - utterly brilliant.  To make things even better the themed challenges aren't just for cards, which is more up my alley, and the first challenge I'm seeing is of interest to me.  Buttons, hooray, I love buttons.  Although they make ideal embellishments in card making, I've yet to do that more than once but I have played with lots of things incorporating buttons and Christmas.

Button Whimsies Christmas Ornaments

One of the first button ornaments I experimented with I called "Button Whimsies".  I used a large focal bead to dangle at the bottom, a snowy white accent pearl to make them pop on the Christmas tree, and up the arm rather than more beads I've incorporated buttons spaced with a seed beads.  I love the whimsical look that the variety of sizes gives to the overall effect.  The entire thing is beaded on a wire Christmas hook.

Button Drop Ornaments
Another style of ornament I've made is the button drop.  These were done on softer wire which I cut to 5" lengths.  Up the arm of this version I've used pearls, seed beads and wooden beads because I like the combination of the wood and buttons, and the colours are super vibrant.  I've made these in a variety of colours Red and Purple and Pink as well as green and they look fabulous on the tree.

Button Diamond Dangles on Beaded Spiral Ornament Hangers
Another version with this button concept is the longest of the three because I've added a pretty diamond dangle at the bottom and wired the entire thing onto a beaded spiral ornament hanger.  I like the multi-colour effect as it reminds me of childhood and the construction paper garland that we'd make, but I plan to make lots more of this style in a variety of colours.  They look lovely and interesting on a lit up tree as the light shines from between the buttons.

Button and Bead Garland
Not just for ornmanets, buttons are great for garland.  I've made up these Button and Bead Garlands in a variety of colours and I love the effect.  Bright white syrofoam balls are strung using a needle and thread alternating with buttons wooden beads and interspersed with #6 seed beads worked in between each.  This gives it extra shimer and a nice weight for ideal draping.  Super tactile, I love this garland.

Last Christmas I made my Mum a knit fuzzy faux fur Christmas hat which I embellished with crocheted holly and a large red button for the berry.  It turned out great and I think the most comments she gets on wearing it is "I love the button".  Me too.

Well that's it for me and buttons at Christmas so far but I currently have some crocheted bunting in the works which I had been planning to embellish with buttons so if I get that sorted in the next two weeks I'll have something else to post over at Crimbo Crackers Buttons Challenge.  Do pop over with me and see what else clever crafters are up to with buttons for the holidays.

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  1. Wonderful!! Thanks for entering Crimbo Crackers and hope to see you again soon!


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