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Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Gem Dangle Day

Yesterday was Gem Dangle day - in a big way.  The weather was still rather rubbish, so an ideal day for crafting and watching the wind blow by - hopefully to bring us some Spring.  In a recent period of 'organization' I decided to package away the main bead components by project so I decided to attack the box of these pear gem dangle ornaments that I'd set aside.

I'm working this style up in two minor variations - a green and a celedon.  The main components include the  lovely pear shaped gem dangles - see how they glow with any light in the photos! - large faceted transparent beads in either crystal clear or green, giant faceted rondelles in either celedon or crystal clear, lovely barely green frosted sea glass beads and two sizes of pearls.  In addition, the beading on the wire uses three sizes - 10/0, 8/0, and 6/0 - of shimmering gold seed beads.

The teeny tiny seed beads can be tricky, and certainly not necessary if you have issues with young hands or older eyes, but I think the results are so much more elegant.  I shall persevere while I can!

Once the dangle portion is complete, it is worked on to a beaded spiral ornament hook in creams and golds.  In heavy production mode I like to work the dangle portions in batch and then come back with the spiral hook work as it is easier to get into a groove - the wire strengths are different and you start to develop a feel for the appropriate bending for maximum strength and without shattering the tiny beads.

Et voila, chandelier style ornaments for your Christmas tree - or wherever you want to hang them as they are magical in the light.  Yesterday's wind did bring some good stuff - sunshine!!!! - so I am off outside now.  Crafting can wait until dark today - thank goodness I've finished up the tiny seed bead work on these.

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