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Christmas Cranberries

I just love the deep red colour - and the smell - of cranberries during the holidays.  Cranberries have long been a staple for Christmas decorating with the traditional stringing of cranberry or cranberry and popcorn garland for the Christmas Tree. We never did this in our house (food was for eating, not playing with) but I have memories of stringing cranberry popcorn garland with some of my friends. It's also a lovely idea for outside for the birds and critters to enjoy.

Not just for garland, though, there are so many things you can do to decorate with cranberries and many of the ideas are super simple. Better Homes & Gardens shows you ideas for a super elegant centrepiece or mantle decoration creating Cranberry Topiaries.   Skewer the cranberries to styrofoam balls using half toothpicks and rest them on candlesticks, vases and such for a stunning work of art. 

With the same concept of pinning cranberries to styrofoam you can craft lovely wreaths, trees and any shape that you find a nice base for.

If you don't have time, or the inclination, for that much effort, there are a host of simple ideas for festive decorating with cranberries. Fill a vase, hurricane style candle holder and etc with cranberries and top with a candle for a lovely effect. Great idea for outside too - filled with snow and cranberries on the top.

 This also works well in a flat surface rendition with small votive holders placed among the berries for your candles. Idea for a table centrepiece as it sits nice and low.

Follow Christmas Is Magical - Ho Ho Holiday's board Christmas Cranberries on Pinterest.

For a host of inspirational ideas for decorating (and cooking with them too!) with cranberries, check out my Cranberries for Christmas pinterest board.

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