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Glitter Snowflake Embellishments

The leaves are just beginning to fall, but the days are still glorious here so I'm trying to get out and enjoy the lingering warm weather.  I know it won't be long until we're all thinking about Christmas though, and the shelves are beginning to include Christmas items, I noticed yesterday, so I can't keep thinking it's summer.

I'm lucky to have a craft room, but I could do with it being more the size of an airplane hanger as I find it difficult to switch between beading projects and paper projects. There's just sooo much stuff to get out and find space for.   The wool projects get relegated to a different room entirely.  

So, in a recent bout of pulling out lots and lots of paper project materials, I've decided to break down the job. I'm starting by making just the "embellishment" components.  My thinking is that if I develop a stash of embllishments, to which I can gradually add more components, I can use them for card making or gift tags or cupcake toppers or bag toppers or placecards or ...or ... and!

I'm trying to focus on one thing at a time and this first focus was on my glitter card stock. Five different colours and three sizes with three styles of snowflakes. For each one, a shiny gem embellishment in the center.

I like working up the embellishments, putting things together for crafting, and I thought this might be something of interest to the crafty audience on Etsy, so I'm experimenting with selling packages of embellishments - three sizes, by colour.  We'll see how things go in this avenue but I know I can always use them up myself.   If you are interested in my supplies/kits as they develop you can click here - https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ChristmasisMagical?section_id=17546582

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