"Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies. ... Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world."

Yes, Virginia ... there is a Santa Claus!

Frosted Snowflakes .. on parade!

I have recently begun to embrace an assembly-line approach to my Christmas ornaments.  Here are just some of the renditions I've made of my frosted snowflake beaded ornaments.  I'm focusing on my "posh beads" - gem encrusted bling beads, stripy resin beads, berry beads, polka dot beads, sequin beads and, in general, huge chunky lovelies - to accompany these pretty frosted snowflake pendants

Since Christmas seems to bring about the "go bling or stay home" mentality, I decided to adorn the frosted snowflakes with pearls and gems.  I must confess, on snowflake #158 I was beginning to regret this decision, but by then it was too late to turn back, and I do like the result so I'm happy now that I persisted.

In my assembly line approach, I first prepared a sample, sorted all the main beads for production, embellished the snowflakes in coordinating colours, put together the primary beaded dangle of the ornament, and for the final step attach them all to the whimsical spiral hangers which are also beaded.  I started ages ago and there are still several more styles to work up.

Let's hope I can finish them up before the real snowflakes start to appear.

If you want to see more styles of the frosted snowflake beaded ornaments, click here.

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